Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Self-centred may be defined in various way.
Perhaps in the sense of how you look at it.
Each and everyone of us inevitably lurks some fraction of selfishness in ourselves.
Just that its level may be varied, it depends on how self-absorbed you are in order to protect yourself.

Some people choose to keep using the word "sorry" to cover it all,
while others remain stubborn for the sake of their dignity.
Some may be regarded as inconsiderate for their harsh remark,
while I would rather regard them as being up front and honest about their own perspective.
And Yes, I don't fond of those who never ceases to say "sorry",
the word "sorry" will eventually loses its effectiveness if it is repeating.

Been struggling with a decision that I've made and the consequences.
Perhaps in the eye of them, I am being inconsiderate.
Perhaps at this point, I am being self-centred for letting go a friendship.

Perhaps, I just wish you guys to be tolerate as you guys have expected on me...


lechpay said...



ckei said...

selfishness, protect ourselves by hurting ppl..

Free Pieces said...

The real world is so sad dear. Live on..

Lynne said...

Sob sob T_T...

That's why u guys are always the best!!
& I'm really fortunate 2 have known u all at the place...muakss!

Free Pieces said...

what comment nemo? tak da pun...

leykim said...

dear cheers up! love you too! whenever happen, i will still there for u... :) (just u have to buy your fight ticket... hehe)
btw, im waiting for your Bangkok trip report oh!