Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just a piece of crap of mine

When you are caught walking down the street alone, having dinner alone, shopping for your daily grocery alone, spending your christmas eve alone, spending your V-day alone, basically carrying out your daily activities ALONE 。。。

You will get two reaction from them : -
a) a shocked, surprised looking face together with a state of disbelief wondering why a gorgeous or maybe sweet girl like you will end up wandering down the street alone, the next thing you realise, they will INEVITABLY
b) console you with "don't worry girl, you will meet someone soon, at the right time. "

Yes, admittedly you have to wait for the right time for the perfect someone to come into your life. Even I have to plunged myself into that belief. Convinsed myself to have faith in love. Believing that when true love is found, it will sweep me off my feet, or even eludes me.
Or have faith in SERENDIPITY, as the meaning implies, "the faculty or phenomenon of finding something valuable or something delightful when you are not looking for it"
In short, finding something incrediblely great accidentally. I can't help but wonder, will we ever, ever meet this perfect guy of ours? Are they really exist to perfectly fit in the lost puzzle of ours?

Are they? Nope, I don't think so.
Well, you met several great guys out there, that might caught your attention, and maybe they are able to blow your mind, perhaps overwhelmed you with their wit and charm.
Then guess what? They are not even out there for you to grab! Then what's the point they being
there at the first place??!!????

I have come to realise that reality is harsh, cruel, grim and unpleasant. There is no such phenomenon as serendipity, you never bump into good fortune accidentally except you go and hunt for it. Even if it do happen in micromillion possibility, they are never be yours.
All those sayings that true love that will eventually sweep you off your feet.... is just a piece of crap! Plus, a little bit of bullshitting here and there!

Yea...i'm ranting....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


想想下, 我们认识了五个月++



想想下,出外公干仍记得ceylon tea, 因为我有喝茶的习惯。。。





想想下,有天,我得好好谢谢您 =)