Friday, January 4, 2008

2008┃Journey of Self Discovery

The ending of 2007 marks the beginning of a brand new era - 2008. It is a year worth anticipating and should be kick off with joy and hope, be filled with an abundance of health, hope, dreams and success.

2008 is never been more significant than previous year. 2008 symbolize the starting point of my self discovery journey. A journey to truly explore my desire and passion, to love the things that i love and of course to enjoy the BEST in me.

What I have been through previous year had finally come to an end. The agony of lost, the devastation of being betrayed, the despair of what had occurred... is no longer to be mourned for. These melancholy will be viewed as a growing stage, a compulsory stage experienced by all of us to equip ourselves with strength and courage in order to better prepare us for future uncertainties. Not to mention that this stage is definitely transforming myself into a better person besides wiping off those fragile part of me.

I can feel it now...the light of finally penetrate through the 2007 grieving cloud...this light will be my light of guidance throughout 2008, From now onwards, I'll embark on my journey full-heartedly...leaving behind a significant footprint for every path that I have taken.

Enjoy what had been through, embrace it, discard and proceed.
Let's embrace 2008 with TRIUMPH!!!

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