Sunday, November 16, 2008

Close friend = keeping an eyes on you??

A friend in need is a friend indeed.
What if we don't or should I say we wish they don't offer their helping hand and kindness, yet they just couldn't get it, 'annoying' would be too much for me to describe them?

A friend say hi upon seeing each other.
A close friend provide a supportive shoulder and walks with us along the journey. At times, you even have to be their spare tyre when necessary.

An annoying friend however, shows unwavering concern on you, to a certain point that their concern is too overwhelming to be handled.
They wish the best for you. Yet 'the BEST' is defined solely by them without taking into account what their friend really had in mind.
The constant attention that they pour in, inevitably, turn out to be a constant pressure on their friend. Worse still, they go to a certain extent that interfering their friend's personal life have become their friend-caring norm They try hard, yea,I'm not exaggerating, and even harder when it comes to influencing your decision-making. Not to mention trying to manipulate the whole situation that it sounds right if we follow their ideal advice.
They could be freaking out when you happen to hang out with someone that they termed not good enough for you. Needless to say, those poor friends of yours are eventually be molded into a shape which is pre-defined by these annoying plus controlling friend. Your effort in trying to change their perception on your fellow friends will prove futile, perhaps an uphill task!!

It is disheartening to learn that, they never ever feel ashamed of themselves after what they had done. In the pursuit of their unacceptable theory, they could possibly hacked into your personal life by borrowing another pair of eyes from one of your close friend, for the sake of making sure you walk according to their direction. Are they ever attempt to put themselves in our shoes? Instead of keeping an spying eyes on us????? I'll bet they never.

I happen to have this so-called close friend, and it never occur to me that he turn out to be a control-freak, which is getting on my nerves. Undeniably, his over-protective plus control freak would bring our friendship to an crashing end.

To be frank, I'm sick of you!

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Anonymous said...

my close friend...

I believe he wish to be more than friend. However, he failed!