Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just A Life

The day begins too soon but the night ends seemingly fast

I am suppose to embrace every single day
to explore the calmness and serenity of the nature
to feel the warmth of sunlight that penetrating through
at times, it can be scorching hot

The day begin too soon
I am suppose to embrace my graduation joyously
it marks the beginning of a new journey
but I am not familiar with the journey, it's not my time yet
My right time will never be arrived
if my mind and pace do not act unanimously

Everyday goes by
Things never change if no significant move is taken
Old habits become prevalence if the intention never clear
What if the first move already become a hurdle?
Would I have the strength and fate to survive?

The night ends seemingly fast
The burden-free life is decided to call it a day
I never realize until my obligation calls

The darkness of the night will soon be lit up
by a day with lightened sky
so as mine
And that's just life...


way sheng said...

wow...i din realise you have such a good english..no until now..

Lynne said...

Then v shud communicate more lo ;P