Sunday, June 22, 2008

cross THE line

Life is not always smooth along the way, that's why we need friends to help us go through it by filling up the crevice of life. Undeniably, friends do provide us a shoulder to emotionally lean on, and most of the time, our besties may consist of guys or girls. What if our best friend is the opposite gender from us, would this besties survive if we are engaged in a relationship?

A relationship survives by being transparent to each other, and here comes the importance of playing the TRUST card. You trust whole-heartedly your partner as well as their besties. They share almost everything in life before you appear in his/her life. Your partner love you as much as their freedom. There is no reason for them to stay detach with their buddies, by stating clear the line that they are merely friend, and indeed it is.

However, I can't help but wonder, are they prone to cross the line when they are having conflict with their partner? How often do people cross beyond the line when their partner disappoints them? If there is a line between friendship and a relationship,how distinct would it be? Is hanging out alone with opposite gender buddy consider cross the line when we already attached with someone? I would say no, but do we entirely trust our partner without any curiousity of what they are up with? Do we ever wonder what drive them to have a close bond yet still remain as friend? If they do share every single pieces of life, are you as their bf/gf, still remain exclusive to them? And how do we define exclusivity?
Being a loyal bf/gf, is it trust whole-heartedly on your partner will eventually grant you a happy ending?

Any idea?


NikoChing said...

Wow...this is complicated. Hm~~~ Sometimes we do have this 'very-close-opposite-gender-best-fren'. the best thing is, they are not couple yet. There's no responsibility between the two persons. That's why they can go beyond best friends yet not lovers.
Being couple need some passion i think. When two less-agressive persons meet, though they knew each other well, perhaps they dont have courage to risk the relationship, to turn into a real relationship.
Sometimes we need another men/women who understand us more than our partner to stay with us when things aren't easy-going. I wish i won't mind if my bf have one but i think i'll be jealous. haha~
It's really complicated la..~

Lynne said...

Hey Nikoching,
I like the word passion..totally agree with you that only passion that will eventually lead two person transform from friendship into a couple...
Probably some do afraid of losing a buddy,but what really matter is how both of them can blend well with each other...if they know each other yet cant come up with a common formula,perhaps friendship is the one that they should treasure..

Jealousy probably can act as a reminder for us not crossing THE line..haha~

NikoChing said...

How's ur work there? ^^

I'm switching to new company next monday la~

Hope to hear from u soon~
Especially about ur working life~
Take care o~