Friday, January 9, 2009

If only I could

When we were apart,and we seemed far away
We used to hanging on at the same point,crossing the same line
Yet,we just walked by
Letting our emotion in disguise
We never know we were there once

Now we are here,and there is no distance between us
But we sail in different direction
No meeting point is heard
And our voyage has no similarity

Perhaps our path is shaped,at the very first place

If there is a time
When our eyes were met
I shall freeze the moment,saying how do you do

If there is a place
Where the sky is not cloudy
I shall shower you with warmth,bringing you joy in spring

If only I could...


Free Pieces said...

so sentimental ...

Lynne said...


People tends to be very sentimental when it comes to feeling nostalgic...the older we get,the more we reminisce..
I wish I could have seized the moment when there was a chance,yet I never did it...