Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm screwed!!!

Have you ever keep losing your handphone because of your carelessness? And it could happen for 3 times in 3 years, in a row, to the certain extent that you dare not purchase a new handphone anymore...phew!

Have you ever forgot your password? Email password, msn password, even an atm password! Your forgetfulness leave you no choice, but to create a new email/msn and end up paying in order to have a new atm card!!

Have you ever fail to locate your car in the mall carpark? Even though you remember the location number, yet keep messing up with the indication color, ending up spending more than 20 minutes to realize that you are actually going to the opposite direction of the place you park! wth

Have you ever encounter the silliest scenario, when you fall asleep and totally forget that you are actually boilling water?!!?? And the kettle turn out to be a black-burnt kettle and has to bid goodbye to you for no longer able to serve you anymore. -_-!!!!!

Have you ever bring your camera for the sake of capturing pictures, but forget to bring along the memory card and battery??!!?? Or bringing a laptop around just to find out that you left your laptop adapter at home?

Well, that's me. And hell I know I am screwed!!
I am afraid that I might end up forgeting to bring along the wedding ring during my wedding! For a 'dai tou ha' like me, it might happen, right?? >_< OMG! Fainted...

Is there any remedy to cure my contant-forgetfulness??


{E}lson desu said...

one thing for sure..u won't miss yr ring in yr wedding de coz is brought by yr husband..if he 4got...just say "no" when the priest ask "will u merry him?" haha

To be continued

khengsiong said...

I went to the Festival of Mind held in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman last year. One of the speakers said:
We forget because we don't pay attention.

Free Pieces said...

Haha..looks like u have d symptoms of amnesia (lost memory. Sometimes u may be too tired, or u r doing that stuffs, but ur mind isnt there, cos u r thinking something else. Also may be dute to tiredness or stress may make u forget things very fast.

Looks like I'm going to crap in ur blog here again. Let me c how to help u ...errmm..

Handphone lost..that 1 u have to always bring along with u lo. If u scared hp drop out from pocket, pin ur pocket la with ur hair pin. Or else, u just need to think +ve : "Yeepee!!! Handphone lost again!! I can change new model liao!!!"

Park car that 1 i also cannot help u la, cos I always like that. But now, once I park, i will key in the num in my hp, and remb d nearest shop as landmark :)

Forget ur kettle and go to sleep..errmm..maybe u shud go to the shop and ask the tauke "do u sell kettle which will ring very very kuat when water boil?"

Laptop..ermmm...everythin keep in ur laptop ba. When u go out, just take ur laptop bag, then u wont miss a thing. Other alternative; use ur handphone to online la, since u always lost hp, then u can always buy latest 1 with latest tech :P

Abt wedding..u no need to worry, as ur fren said, ur husband will bring the ring. However, what u shud concern here is wheter u will go the wrong day, or wrong place..hehe :P

is that help? LOL!!!

Lynne said...

I'm more than glad to see you crapping at here,since not much often you are able to,hahaaa...

My so-called amnesia getting better, ever since my 3rd hp being stolen,I din buy a new hp anymore.And surprisingly,2nd hand hp stay longer than new hp,hah!
As for locating my car,it happened once,after that I did as what you suggested.

The rest,I'm not sure...hah...but I'll pay much more attention...else,I may marry a wrong guy! lol

steve said...

You are what you think you are...

You've already programmed your mind that you are contant-forgetfulness. You accepted that this is the truth and you let yourself being contant-forgetfulness.

What you need to do is to change your mindset and re-program yourself that you have a 1000MGb of Memory. Your brain is so powerful and we can remember a lot of things! What you need is to upgrade your RAM!

You can still remember so many things that you had forgotten! It's proven that you have a good memory!

Now believe that you have a good memory and trust that your brain can function more than what you think you are! You control your mind~~~

Dont let the old thought control you!~~~


ckei said...


大恒 said...

lol....i thinks the article should said me..
i always lost my things or misplaced it..
i lost my 4G pendrive...and a necklace given by a friend...i lost alot of things..
i am a da tou xia

Lynne said...


U r damn funny!
A best fren of mine alwiz end up forgetting where she come from while we were shopping.Hah...and that's make us even closer ><

Hopefully,we dun lost anything again ya~

leykim said...

haha.. that`s you! i have another suggestion for the car park, just take the photo of the parking slot number by using handphone (in condition that your handphone is still avaiable)

p/s: mb binbin is still using 3100 so he have to key in the num instead of taking photo) haha... ^^

happy CNY ya! hope you have enjoyed my blog.

Lynne said...

kimkim, are insulting Rob leh ;p

Then I earnestly hope you wont get lost at Japan have the tendency of being blur too == hehe
Will alwiz drop by ur blog...and that really stops me being questioning you again,wahahaha~

lechpay said...

wa...c.kei really funny la.....

lynne, is easy la, find a guy that can help you to remeber all this lo....

Lynne said...


If only I could encounter such a guy,
if only I could has his attention to remember my every details...and he happen to be a leng
If only I could...

大恒 said...

Hope can lah...hahaha..sometimes i even forget what i want to do...zzzzzz

Anonymous said...

emm... good .